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Obtaining Successful Results in Mediation/Arbitration

Many people assume that divorce is handled primarily in the courtroom. However, South Carolina family courts require mediation as a way to avoid the lengthy — and often costly — divorce litigation process. Also, litigants are increasingly voluntarily choosing to mediate even when not required or prior to the commencement of litigation. The Law Offices of Shea & Barron, provides mediation and arbitration for clients seeking to resolve their differences outside of the courtroom. From our office in Columbia, we are known throughout South Carolina for the personal attention we provide to each client we represent.

The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is a good option for clients who wish to save money on the financial and emotional costs of divorce. It allows clients to personalize their agreement instead of relying on arbitrary court solutions. Mediation also works well for parents who wish to maintain meaningful relationships with their children because it allows them to set custody and visitation agreements that work for both of them, rather than what a court might order without the parents’ meaningful input.

Throughout the entire process, we seek to provide the information needed to help you make decisions that work for your unique situation.

David C. Shea, is a certified family court mediator by the South Carolina Supreme Court. Using his knowledge of family law and negotiating, he provides mediation or arbitration services to help clients make informed decisions regarding their immediate situation and future obligations, and is often chosen by other attorneys to serve as the mediator.

Both David C. Shea and Almand J. Barron also have been listed in settlement agreements as arbitrators by other attorneys.

Columbia Arbitration Attorneys

Our arbitration practice centers around providing the neutral space our clients need to discuss their individual concerns. In arbitration and mediation, we represent neither party and instead offer our knowledge of family law to counsel clients on their options. Due to our experience and reputation for obtaining results, other lawyers regularly call on us to mediate or arbitrate their complex divorce cases.

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