Services to Attorneys

The Law Offices of Shea & Barron, can provide services to other lawyers, both in and out of South Carolina and in several areas of law.

For lawyers out of state seeking to associate our firm, we are technologically capable of paperless and video communications. and can work off-site while maintaining full access to the office.

Mediation Services and Facilities

David C. Shea is available to serve as a mediator or arbitrator for the parties in your case. He also can generate Excel property division spreadsheets and Settlement Agreements during the mediation should the situation require it.

Our office has a private conference room on both the first and second floor so that the parties can be separated from one another for privacy and peace of mind, as well as a separate meeting space for the lawyers and mediator.

The office also provides complimentary guest Internet access, drinks, and snacks.

We have ample free parking and a location convenient to major highways around Columbia.

David C. Shea also is available to travel to your office for mediation or arbitration.

Representation of Lawyers in Domestic and Legal Ethics Issues

Both Almand Barron and David Shea have represented numerous lawyers and spouses of lawyers in family court matters. David Shea also has advised and represented attorneys in legal ethics issues.

Upon request, some or all of facts of your matter can remain confidential even to our staff to the extent that they are not revealed through litigation. For example, premarital agreements and ethical questions can generally be handled entirely and directly through Mr. Shea should you feel uncomfortable with the staff knowing your private affairs.

Legal Malpractice/Expert Witness Availability

David C. Shea has been utilized as an expert witness in legal malpractice issues involving domestic relations, and can be available for pre-suit consultation or serving as an expert witness in your legal malpractice case.

Also, David C. Shea has represented plaintiffs in legal malpractice issues unrelated to domestic relations law. If you have a client who you believe has been wronged by a previous attorney, please consider calling him to discuss the matter confidentially.

Trial Assistance

Almand J. Barron and David C. Shea know that some lawyers are uncomfortable trying cases or handling actual trials on their own. As such, they are available to be retained to assist you in trying domestic cases, should you desire either first-chair or second-chair counsel, or in specific areas, such as the custody side of the case or the financial side of the case.

Guardian ad Litem Services

Almand J. Barron frequently is appointed by judges or selected by lawyers as a guardian ad litem in contested and complex custody matters, adoptions, children’s name changes, and paternity actions.

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